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The Story (Guitar instrumental cover)

My instrumental "take" on The Story by Brandi Carlile.

The Story featured on the second album by folk rock singer Brandi Carlile, and was released on April 3, 2007. The album peaked at #58 in the Billboard 200 on May 5, 2007. The Story was produced by T-Bone Burnett and recorded over eleven days on two-inch audio tape in The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The album also features the guitarists and songwriters Tim and Phil Hanseroth, drummer Matt Chamberlain, cellist Josh Neumann.

I recently found my "cry baby" pedal in a cupboard and thought i  would make use of it on this track.

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Eguana -

Eguana - quiet music that has its own storyline, where each track is a new tale, quite minor and lyric. Variety of instruments and synths is making it nice to listen. The set of synths and live instruments makes an interesting panorama. Vocal line is also great, it sometimes carry you beyond you imagination.Eguana


Run - Snow Patrol - Cover by Lucy Thomas, 10
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ELzA ():

Run - Snow Patrol - Cover by Lucy Thomas, 10

"Suddenly"  - (Winner of the Open Category of The UK Songwriting Contest 2019 and International Songwriting Award 2019/2020) - Lucy Thomas, 15
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Alizée - Moi... Lolita (Live HD)


Epic Space Music Mix | Most Beautiful & Emotional Music | SG Music

Epic Space Music Mix.
00:00​ Stellardrone Eternity
06:15​ Hans Zimmer Our Destiny Lies Above Us
10:10​ M83 I'm Sending You Away
14:20​ M83 Star Waves
17:55​ Groove Addicts Interstellar
21:37​ Kevin Kendle - Spiral
29:20​ George Kallis Cosmos
Epic Space Music Mix.
00:00​ #Stellardrone #Eternity
06:15​ #Hans_Zimmer #OurDestiny #LiesAboveUs
10:10​ #M83 I'm Sending You Away
14:20​ #M83 Star Waves
17:55​ #GrooveAddicts #Interstellar
21:37​ #KevinKendle - #Spiral
29:20​ #GeorgeKallis #Cosmos


Carillon (Guitar Instrumental)
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SKY, -- SKY 1979 , -, , . , YouTube.
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Karil'on prishel iz al'boma SKY, vypushchennogo progressiv-rok-gruppoy SKY v 1979 godu, na solo-gitare, kotoruyu igral Dzhon Uil'yams, klassicheskiy gitarist mirovogo klassa. Eto byla ochen' populyarnaya melodiya, kotoruyu neskol'ko let nazad igrali gitaristy YouTube.
Minusovka) - Pit Korving.


#JohnLennon #JohnLennonWoman #Woman
Woman - John Lennon
#JohnLennon #JohnLennonWoman #Woman

#JohnLennon #JohnLennonWoman #Woman