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Feet of Flames Planet Ireland HDFeet of Flames Planet Ireland HD

Feet of Flames Planet Ireland HD
Feet of Flames Planet Ireland HD




#LordOfTheDance #IrishDance #FollowYourDream
Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance: Feet of Flames Taiwan Warlords Rehearsal

#LordOfTheDance sells out stadiums. It has grossed over one-billion dollars. Its formula is very simple: the greatest #IrishDance professionals executing the greatest #IrishDance choreography the world has ever seen.

Michael Flatley's shows are louder, tougher, and more exciting than anything else out there. Only the strongest earn the right to call themselves members of Team Lord.

Taiwan. December 2020. Feet of Flames.

Here comes Lord of the Dance. And we didn't come here to finish second.



#IrishDance #FollowYourDream
Michael Flatley Dancing Planet Ireland in Feet of Flames Taiwan (RARE)

Even the most hardened critic of commercial Irish dancing -- the genre Michael Flatley invented when he fused his art form atop traditional #IrishDance -- must admit one thing: when it comes to sheer spectacle, nothing beats Lord of the Dance.

Team Lord *earns* that spectacle. When you buy a ticket to see a Michael Flatley show, you know you're getting the biggest, loudest, most hardcore Irish dancing in the world. These are people who go out onstage every night and do two hours of stuff that would shatter most people after thirty seconds -- and they make it look completely effortless.

Feet of Flames dials up that spectacle to eleven. There is just nothing like the sight of that many dancers in perfect synchronicity during Planet Ireland at the end of the show. As a dramatist, Michael Flatley has license to do something that's surprisingly rare: to go as big and loud as he wants.

So today, we're giving you a somewhat obscure treat: Planet Ireland from Feet of Flames Taiwan.

Always believe in your dream, even if literally no one else does. Be prepared to put in the hard work to bring it to life. Fight for it when they try to take it away from you. Ignore the naysayers. What you want is yours if you're willing to go out there and get it.

Planet Ireland arises: 2021.



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